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Here is the list of those Canadian You Tube channels with the highest number of subscribers and compared to where they were on the last update (July 2010 - man, I have to update these more often! It is probably no surprise that heading the list is Justin Bieber's kidraul channel given his huge fan base. Bieber has been the number one most subscribed Canadian youtuber for a long time now and it is doubtful anyone is going to knock him off the top of the heap anytime soon.

Actually, the first 4 are all on the worldwide Top 100 Most Subscribed List. I for one am getting a little bit tired of the over-saturation of all things Bieber-related but the kid from Stratford Ontario just keeps chugging along. pyrobooby - Peter Chao just may be the only one who might rival Bieber for the most subbed in Canada, but he has a long way to go before he knocks off Bieber.

I don't think they will get into a pissing contest or anything (we used to have those at our family reunions.

Both are crazy numbers for new people subbing to a channel as it takes other mere mortals years to generate their subscriber base to that number. If you go back a year to November 2009, Ryan had 1,626,743 subscribers (and was in 1st place overall) and Ray was way back at a still extremely respectable 32nd place on the Top 100 with 335,072 subscribers.

Youtube recently posted that there are now hundreds of partners making as much as $100,000 a year or more through the site's Youtube Partnership Program.

As you may know, I also have made a top 100 list covering the UK, and I will be posting ones for Australia, Ireland and several others because each of these countries deserve to have their best (not just most subscribed) shown some support.

And nothing wrong with getting a backlink on the Internet even if it's from my lameass blog right?

I've never asked one of them about the other (I don't know either personally) and I haven't seen any comment, good, bad or indifferent, made by either one about the other guy's numbers either.