Is audrina still dating justin

Consequentially, it became a central focus of the series, and was carried through each subsequent season.Later that year, Patridge competed on the eleventh season of the American version of Dancing with the Stars, and finished in seventh place.

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Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad is still dragging her feet. Why aren't you wearing impossibly adorable maternity dresses already? I mean, you just peed on that thing, and now you're holding it up like it's a holiday craft you made. I don't need to see the receipts.) Audrina and Corey have been dating on and off since 2008 and got engaged just last month.

I mean, Audrina didn't even wait until the wedding. Audrina announced the news on Instagram earlier today with a photo of her pregnancy test, writing, “I finally figured out what to get Corey for Christmas! Corey even appeared on a few episodes of , I have an idea for what these two should name their kid — Justin Bobby.

star is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Australian pro BMX rider Corey Bohan.

Now she'll only be two children behind her co-star Kristin Cavallari. Am I the only one who's a little weirded out by women posting photos of their pregnancy tests on social media? We have no way of knowing for sure what Audrina's little bundle of joy will be named yet, but don't rule out my suggestion. In the words of Justin Bobby himself, (via) Wise words, Justin Bobby.

Of course, Audrina -- constantly wearing her heart on her sleeve -- quickly opened up and told Justin she felt they could work things out.