Invalidating someone elses experience

Or you and I could simply use our own opinions and back them up with... These facts - which clearly shows New York City has more than five times the gay population that San Francisco does - show that unless 400,000 gay people moved to NYC in the last 8 years, it had a higher population in 2000 as well.

(All anyone did was point out that the code have asked, and possibly even add an answer that provides the correct solution to this question. It seems like the alternative is that the question just lies around and proves relatively useless to people, or else it gets closed.

In the interest of SO being a community resource, I'd rather the question get finessed into something useful.

Although I find the plot hole comments hilarious, I don't think this is a particularly big plot hole. She is a manifestation of his guilt over her suicide: a form of self-sabotage.

I don't think it's logical to assume that such a projection could also be an inanimate object like a totem.

It seems to me a subconscious projection of part of your personality would have to take the form of something/someone with – well, a personality.