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Still, a lot of people find the act of repentance scary or intimidating. But also keep in mind that since God isn’t moved by tears unless He has full access to your heart, you must first desire this change deep within your heart. John the Baptist wasn’t overly impressed when some of the religious leaders came to him for baptism.

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Make a list of past promises you’ve made to the Lord, but failed to keep. If it’s been a while since you’ve repented before the Lord, click on the link below to ask Him to live in your heart as you seek forgiveness.

"Our Father in heaven does not sin, and He does not allow people who sin to live with Him. To repent means to feel sorry for our sins and stop doing them." Gospel Fundamentals, p.

As a Believer, you know that lasting transformation can only begin with repentance.

God’s promise of that transformation makes repentance important in and of itself.

One's complete forgiveness depends on the absolute purity and perfection of the repentance.