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You have probably been hanging out with a guy for a little while, or even been on a few dates?

You might of even kissed a couple of times and maybe he even held hands?

Yes, it’s that special time a month when girls get a free pass to be total assholes and somehow guys are to blame.

When a guy has a girlfriend, every time he gets anywhere near her boobs she holds up a red card like a ref in a World Cup match signaling “PERIOD FLAG ON THE PLAY.” Girlfriends break out the period flag like a cop breaks out his badge while kicking in the door during a drug bust.

You’ve been dating an awesome guy for a while, but you haven’t had the talk. It’s not as easy now as it was in junior high where you could just pass a note and find out if you were someone’s girlfriend, but having “the talk” doesn’t have to be a huge production.