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I’ll caveat this post with the fact that I may be something of an outlier – I have thousands of contacts in my Apple contact database, and my i Cal app is burdened with having to integrate with a multi-platform universe at work. Well, let’s review a few, and you can judge for yourself. Well, that’s what Apple’s self-hosted forums are good for (I’ve been there a lot lately, for any number of issues, only a few of which I’ll detail in this post). Many of the suggestions are summarized in this post, and included deleting your browser cache (that was pretty easy, I did it, no luck), deleting your entire email account and recreating it (a pretty drastic thing to do, but funnily enough, I’ve done it about ten times in the past year due to problems with our connection to work mail, and since I’d done it recently, I figured that couldn’t be it), and my favorite: Go to /var/mobile/Media/Application Archives using SSH (requires jailbroken i Phone) or Disk Aid and delete everything.

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First, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will reduce and eventually eliminate traditional market access barriers to goods, services and agriculture—with some small exceptions.

Equally important, the trade deal will shape standards and rules in several areas that have few or no disciplines in the multilateral trading system governed by the World Trade Organization.

Not ideal for sharing your work in progress with clients and co-workers, or for testing your changes across different devices and platforms.

The trade deal negotiations are near the finish line and with the passage of fast track legislation they might be concluded by August 2015.

Do you think the bands will be more with it this time? Also, no shows will be happening at Wally’s but it is worth mentioning. Last year I spent the whole weekend in the same dirty clothes. And within an hour of all this we’ve got springs, alligators, beaches and roller coasters, so this weekend is pretty much whatever you want it to be. It’s not the Ritz, but I doubt you’ll be spending much time there anyways.