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At the Casual Connect game conference in Seattle, he recently called for an online safety standard and collaboration among sites, making game worlds safer for kids. Then I’m going to talk about the need for the industry to actually set standards around what good safety is.

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Paul La Fontaine has lived through as bad a crisis as any chief executive of an online company has encountered.

The head of Sulake, creator of the social-networking service Habbo, faced a public outcry after a two-month TV news investigation found the company’s virtual-world site, which had 250 million registered users, to be “full of pornographic sexual chat despite the fact that it is aimed at children as young as 13 years old.” The report prompted venture-capital firm Balderton Capital to drop its stake in Habbo and retailers stopped selling access cards for the game.

On the other, it’s sold to us as a kind of universal solvent: “a symbol of our relationships, how attractive we are …

a rite of passage into being a regular, healthy adult.” Both options clearly set the stakes a bit high.

New York-based Australian writer Rachel Hills is visiting this week to talk about sex.