Live chatwapi - Facebook not updating

but yet I'm still seeing the old products on facebook that haven't been on my shopify since over a week ago!

facebook not updating-2

While is a very widely used tool that helps you update your Social Media accounts frequently, sometimes things do go wrong.

There are a couple common reasons that cannot successfully post updates to your Facebook page: Facebook's imposes rate limits on the number of items that can be posted to Facbeook by each user.

I have to constantly delete the facebook feed in the plugin and re-create it to have the last update.

It worked fine for months and a few weeks ago (also since October I believe), it's not updated anymore.

I have done all the necessary steps to update my facebook shop via shopify... published, made visible online shop and facebook, and re-sync with facebook. You'll also want to make sure your products' visibilities are set to show on Facebook. If the products still aren't showing after 3 days, I recommend removing the Facebook Sales Channel and then readding it back to your Shopify account/store.