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The flow is similar to standard Web Browser SSO, but a Kerberos AP-REQ message is presented by the user agent via the HTTP Negotiate authentication scheme and the Kerberos GSS-API mechanism.

The presentation of a valid Kerberos AP-REQ message whose client principal name matches the principal name given in the subject confirmation strengthens the assurance of the resulting authentication context and protects against credential theft.

See the Security Configuration page for information on the new shared configuration tags.

The Web server (running the Web site) thinks that the HTTP data stream sent by the client (e.g.

Bug: 20066619 Added: 17-June-2015 Platform: All When you try to start Oracle Event Processing Server default domain using JDK Version 8 Update 6 for ARM on Raspberry Pi devices, the following error appears: Error occurred during initialization of VM Server. Workaround: Bug: 20756882Added: 09-May-2017Platform: All Oracle Access Management (OAM) 11g is now integrated with Oracle SOA Suite 12c. Bug: 20756882Added: 09-May-2017Platform: All NTLM as stated in the section 8.6 at: not supported. Bug: 20690977Added: 09-May-2017Platform: All In 12c EDN durable subscriptions are supported.