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Now, more stars – like Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde, and Elijah Wood – are sharing their thoughts as well.

It's autumn special edition of the album was success.

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If you haven't noticed, being gay in the entertainment business isn't that big of a deal anymore and alot of ppl are coming out of the closet.

Anywayz I think that Elijah Wood is a very talented actor and is also very cute, but if he is or is not gay, i support him either way! Watever oh and i think its mean giving out email adresses of people. Elijah Wood is hell hot, and he's not gay, and even if he is (that wood break my heart:( ) it doesn't matter, he is famous for his great acting talent, not to mention his good looks so yeah- get ova it, lij is an actor- not a freak show :| Lucy Lucy I totally agree with u!!! So, in conclusion, Elijah- save us all a lil controversy and come out! I love HIM so much i would give my blood away just to meet HIM! Elijah Wood is the hottest guy on the planet, nobody beats him, not even Orlando Bloom. Whatever u do don't go into the psychic field as a profession. Clean your crystal ball and unbend your tarot cards, girlie, cause your wrong. you all have nothing better to do then to talk about him like that behind his back... all of you people who are like "omg hes so gay" need to get a life and concentrate on ur own personal life and not his. it is so funny reading what you people write about elijah. come on if he is its his own life not yours so leave him be. ) You sad people, spending that much time and money discussing a topic that is of none of your businees anyhow. It is more interesting then dissecting someones' private life on the net.

Wood provided the voice of Mumble in the award-winning animated musical films Happy Feet (2006) and Happy Feet Two (2011), as well as the eponymous lead in the Tim Burton-produced action/science fiction film 9 (2009).

In 2005, he started his own record label, Simian Records.

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