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" Effy from Skins, known to her parents as Kaya Scodelario, is sitting on the back of a catering bus in a car park in Bristol, explaining that the show's fanbase proves its devotion in unlikely ways.The internet is awash with hormonal reimaginings of what the characters get up to in an alternate universe, and it usually involves manly hugging or fighting that turns into something altogether more sexual.

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Friends of his apparently “don’t want him to sit at home alone.” This month, rumors spread that Brad could be dating Sienna Miller.

It’s more of a way to get out and be social.” “He seems more comfortable double-dating and friends are helping out,” the source added.

Skins has such a go big or go home approach to just about everything, including big reveals of deception.

Of course, the only way we could have found out that Naomi cheated on Emily with a girl--Sophie--who killed herself was by Sophie's brother giving Emily a journal that described Sophie's brief affair with Naomi in detailed illustration form.

Maybe it’s the show’s humor, its ample cursing, its British accents, or its never ending steam of debauchery of every form.