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But some have challenged this traditional view, arguing that it was written much later, long after Jesus' original followers were dead and Christianity had transformed into a different religion than the one taught by Jesus of Nazareth.

The debate really comes down to the question: When was the New Testament written?

Sadly nothing is known as to how he acquired them, or their ultimate origin. Other fragments from the start of an early gospel of Matthew, known as P or the ‘Barcelona Papyrus’ (Barcelona, Abadia de Montserrat, P. 1) are widely believed to be from the same original codex, as argued in Roca-Puig (1962). Best known for her partly autobiographical novels, she was...

He sent them to Magdalen as a curiosity, an ancient papyrus fragment feature the college’s namesake. Fragments of an early gospel of Luke, known as P (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Suppl. 1120) and found used as binding material in a third century copy of Philo, have also occasionally been claimed to be part of the codex, such as by Skeat (1997). Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 105: 13–20 – available online here C.

As Hurtado himself points out, “the authors are both professional/trained palaeographers, and Clarysse is the founder of the extremely valuable Leuven Database of Ancient Books (LDAB), which provides data on all published/edited manuscripts from the ancient world, and can be accessed online here.” The point of the recent article? These comparisons are inappropriate, however, since both P104 and P52 are written in round majuscule.