Diana taurasi dating ari louis

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Obviously Penny’s been through the trenches, she’s one of the best player to ever touch a basketball so whenever she has any advice for me I definitely take it and try to use it.

Taurasi: It’s been a pretty good two weeks for myself personally.

Olympic mark of five three-pointers made, Taurasi broke that record during Wednesday’s group play victory over Serbia. The three-time gold medalist is making her fourth Olympic appearance and has dropped hints that it may be her and fellow University of Connecticut alumnae Sue Bird’s last run at another gold.

“When I look back on it, you don’t get many opportunities in this game, so the other night I just took advantage of it and it felt good,” Taurasi said after Thursday’s Team USA practice at Flamengo Club.

"Just an amazing day, one of the happiest days we've ever had," Taurasi, 34, said. It was one of the times where all our families were together, all the people we love and care for in the city that we met and evolved as teammates and wives now.