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"It was so challenging, it took me to places mentally and physically that I've never gone before." Williams' foray into cooking began a couple of years ago, when he started to make more meals and found it was something he enjoyed doing.

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David Williams is an American professional card player.

He made the top eight of Pro Tour Tokyo 2001, and later made the top eight of Worlds in the same year, but was disqualified for having marked cards.

Masterchef is a reality show for budding chefs where entrants compete with each other over a season to win a $250,000 cash prize, their own cookbook, and a trophy.

Just like any other reality show the judges weigh up the contestants dishes each week and eliminate someone at the end of each show until there are two left in the final.

It takes a certain type of obsessive personality to succeed in poker, a hunger to continually improve and learn as many of the game's nuances as possible while staying on top of a constantly changing meta.