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One) She is aware of the subtle "frustration" the typical movie goer ,book reader, play goer experiences when she/he encounters a gripping story but has no understanding of the motivations of the identifiable character. And two) Field has observed this phenomena in her office for years: How charming,educated,responsible women become intertwined with men who come nowhere near their integrity level and consequently experience serious self esteem, financial, and social consequences.

Her short stories grab you in and entertain and the red flag explanations at the end of the chapters finally explains and puts to light this behaviour.

Psychotherapist-writer develops 8 fast paced, full length and true short stories from her patient population,places red flags in the margins for the reader to later explore, and then analyzes the stories via these strategically placed red flags.

A unique and marvelous idea for the short story reader, or the self-help adventurer.

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