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*** This review may contain spoilers *** This film is one of the last real crime movie made in France in the early eighties. Only broken in 1997 with J' IRAI AU PARADIS CAR L' ENFER EST ICI, starring the very same Daniel Duval.

Why should rich people have to "develop social skills" or "think of their partners as human beings instead of just collections of measurements and 1990s birthdays"?

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American warships in the Persian Gulf would also launch cruise missiles at Iraqi targets.

Saddam was given an ultimatum by the coalition, which also included France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt: leave Kuwait or be driven out by military force. An Egyptian light armoured vehicle explodes on 25 February 1991 after driving over an Iraqi mine on the second day of the massive ground assault of the Allied Forces into Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm In the war that followed, codenamed Operation Desert Storm, the far-superior firepower, hardware and training of the coalition forces rolled over the poorly-equipped Iraqi army.

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