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With few exceptions, most women at Sherry's competitive level have upper bodies more developed than the legs.

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Beautiful selection of photos of one of your all-time favorite bodybuilding models - Marja Lehtonen. The 5'2" 140 pound Finnish star features her famous 16 1/2" biceps and is fully developed in every other body part.

Diana Dennis was chiseled and shows off her great upper body (deep-cut abs and chiseled chest, back and arm poses), but she was even more well-known for her thighs, glutes and calves- she was one of the first women to develop the really lean and defined legs you see so commonly today.

here are a series of pictures that represent a new and exiting tradtion when one is partying in a bar or on spring break. basically, a girl pulls up her shirt to reveal her nude flesh and other guys and girls take shots off her.

Chuck is a young entrepreneur from Miami, Florida and works in the ladies swim wear business.

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