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For instance, in a World War II game, you could name yourself after some variation of the Dirty Dozen, the Big Red One, the Inglourious Basterds, and so on.

Ezio: Do not let a beautiful girl distract you from constructing my designs.

Traditionally, the music was taught using a system of unique chanted vocables referred to as Canntaireachd, an effective method of denoting the various movements in pibroch music, and assisting the learner in proper expression and memorization of the tune.

The predominant vocable system used today is the Nether Lorn canntaireachd sourced from the Campbell Canntaireachd manuscripts (1797 & 1814) and used in the subsequent Piobaireachd Society books.

It’s not enough to pretend that you are yourself an adventurer or a superhero; the real joy comes from feeling like you’re part of a larger world.