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We are 'queer' precisely because we are always somewhere in the middle ground, in between what our society deems proper for 'real men' or 'real women,' who are supposed to be attracted only and exclusively to the so-called 'opposite sex.' Whatever form our queerness may take, it places us outside of what society considers 'normal.' For that very reason, transpeople or queer people were recognized, historically, as being especially gifted at building bridges between the seen and the unseen, between time and eternity."Part of the problem about letting the Bible 'speak' to us is the inexactness of language.“A tenderly written, intensely personal narrative about being swallowed alive by a Charlene Edge’s riveting memoir about the power of words to seduce, betray, and, in her case, eventually save.

When and why did Jesus' followers start saying "Jesus as God" and what did they mean by that?

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She married a Corps graduate and they served across the United States as Way leaders, funneling money into Wierwille’s bursting coffers and shunning anyone who criticized him.

As obedient Way Corps, they raised their child to believe the doctrines of Wierwille, the cult’s designated “father in the Word.” Eventually Charlene was promoted to the inner circle of biblical researchers, where she discovered devastating secrets: Wierwille twisted texts of Scripture to serve his personal agenda, shamelessly plagiarized the work of others, and misrepresented the purpose of his organization.

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