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Your first dance as a married couple is a uniquely intimate moment during an otherwise public day.

While your friends and family will watch you and your new spouse sway softly (or show off smooth choreographed moves), the two of you will be the only ones on the dance floor.

Both were students at the University of Central Florida when they decided to try out for the show. Alex & Sierra auditioned in New Orleans and wowed the judges with a stripped-down version of the Britney Spears song "Toxic", resulting in them getting four yeses.

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From popular classics like Etta James's "At Last" to more contemporary picks like a mash-up of Beyoncé and Van Morrison or Calvin Harris's techno hits, these creative couples know how to start their reception off right.

Whether you choose to dance to something timeless or something much more current, the most important detail is that the song feels right for you as a couple.

Dudes all over America mark the first warm day of the winter semester by leading sing-a-longs of “I'm Yours” on the quad. All together now: “Ohhhhhhhh, it's what you do to me…”Not every guitar guy at a college party will be impressive enough to distract the room from beer pong and doing shots.

A hundred and five is the number that comes to my head When I think of all the years I wanna be with you Wake up every morning with you in my bed That's precisely what I plan to do And you know one of these days when I get my money right Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life We'll forever be in love so there ain't no need to rush But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough I'll say, "Will you marry me?

" Got me singing Ooh whoa ooh oh Got me singing Ooh whoa ooh oh Would you marry me, baby?