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Kocken Jimmy tar med sig en hemlagad dessert in i mörkret och polisen Andreas får massage. Xvi D-SVORDOM AIRDATE:2010-03-09 RELDATE:2010-03-09 LINK: Reality/Dating OTHER INFO: Reseledaren Katarina tror att hennes längd skrämmer killar.

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Never before have singles been given the opportunity to meet and interact in person, sight unseen, with a potential romantic partner!

It’s the show that reveals whether it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve spoken to at length, you’ve touched, perhaps even tasted… And although they’re not able to see a thing, viewers will, thanks to infrared cameras, be able to see everything that’s taking place!

"Dating" puts three men and three women into different wings of the same mansion and over the course of several days allows them to meet only in a completely dark room (infrared cameras capture the action).

There, the only way participants know what one another looks like is through verbal description and a little face-touching.

Throughout the show, the host provides both the men and women additional insight into the other contestants by providing personality profiles showing which contestants are a \"best match\", and also allowing them to view items the others have brought to the house.