Dating guns best before dates

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Please do keep in mind; this is just one of a wide variety of options for best before date labels.

We encourage customers to call us to discuss your specific application over the phone to always ensure you get the ideal set up for your unique situation and necessary information.

Our experts will help you select and implement the right technology to apply crisp and durable date codes and batch codes onto a variety of packaging materials – even at high line speeds: Matthews specialises in integrating any coding equipment into your business, allowing you to boost your production efficiency and profitability.

All our date coding solutions can be integrated in to our i DSnet software solution to ensure the right date / batch number is printed on the right product at the right time to eliminate coding errors.

Matthews will help ensure your products always have the right date codes and batch codes to meet stringent retailer and industry requirements: Date Codes: In Australia, the Food Standards Code states that packaged foods with a shelf life under two years must have a use by date on the primary packaging and a best before date in most other cases.