Dating gibson mastertone banjos what to expect when dating a military man

Also in April 1947 Gibson changed their logo from script to block lettering for identification purposes.

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At some point in 1917, the company began to work on a simple open-back banjo.

I am trying to help my sister in law date and get an idea as to the value of her rb250 she purchased in the late 1970's serial number indented in the back of the headstock 513700. but I got confused as heck trying to research the and determine the date by the serial number.

Since Earl Scruggs helped to make them the most sought-after banjos in the world over 60 years ago, these instruments have amassed a cult-like following.

The Gibson Mastertone banjo is one of those great success stories; and though it had its occasional failures, the “Mastertone” brand has made it through more than 75 years of hard times and rough service.

Much easier to date Gibson guitars than Banjos by serial to me at least. Many thanks robassable Says: Saturday, April 12, 2014 @ PM Thanks that helps.