Dating disabled head over wheels

While people with disabilities do enjoy being active there are going to be certain limitations that need to be taken into consideration. Do not make the assumption that wheelchair users are not involved in sports.

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Don't be selfish.*Everyone that hangs out with you is paid to do so.

Just accept it.*Don't ask for anyone to set you up.

Once an audience sees what life is like for a disabled person, Lipkin believes, they'll think and behave differently. "Everything cracks open." This is the cast's first meeting in its new rehearsal space, the sanctuary of the Central Reform Congregation in the Central West End.

The ten actors, eight of them in wheelchairs, sit in a circle and update one another about their summer: job-searching, apartment-hunting, accidents with their chairs. Lipkin calls it a "safe zone." In February, as part of the Big Read Festival, the ensemble will perform its own version of Tom Sawyer.

No one is going to be that mean to their friends.*If you are disabled, you must be asexual.*If you really want a date, try getting it setup through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.