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Seriously, I think there's some kinda MIB memory-wipe flasher triggered by the laser 10 seconds into "Anything New Please." It's hard to dislike this album, and I don't, but then again I'm not sure what exactly it has to recommend itself. The improvement from their previous Johnny Cat single to this LP is downright immeasurable, thanks to a line-up change and a wicked recording by Kurt Bloch. " all you want -- sounds more like early Hard-Ons to me. Less Krossy on this album, but still in the same spirit. A little of the modern Pac N'west sound seems to be creeping in (or was there unrecorded all along) - "Not My Hometown" is quite Spits-like, fer example.

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": "When you head out to the shack in the woods, I won't be there." 2.

Band of Horses, Infinite Arms (Columbia): This Southern combo rose the antiquated way: making some indie albums saddled with questionable songwriting and production choices, signing to a major label — only this time for all the right reasons.

The closer, "End of a Fantasy," shows that they have a bit of range, as it's a nice slower-tempo sad-pop number.

Good album, great production, probably not as consistant as the single, but that's what usually happens.

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