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Developing a unique guitar is quite a feat in an industry where so many designs are standard today.A guitar has to appeal to a large group of players in order to be considered successful.Retrofret provides unique and private show room experience with a museum quality restoration and repair facility on premises.

Our reputation for skillful repairs and quality restorations dates back to the 1970's.

Today the Retrofret service facility is the most complete lutherie shop on the east coast.

From set-ups and minor adjustments to historic re-builds, we welcome every type of project with the same degree of care.

There was never any doubt that Robert Godin was going to be in the guitar business.

As demand and production increased in the '70s, Alvarez began assigning serial numbers to their products to easily identify the year and month of production.

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    She and Woody had been married since 1977 and had three children together before they split in 2001.

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