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In 2009 the US imported none and 17,520 surplus pistols were destroyed (none were exported to any country). features one of the last Mauser offerings, the HSc American Eagle, and the Parabellum.

Complete line of Walther pistols plus revolvers, long guns from Walther and others, revolvers, and more.

I also have owned in the distant past other Star automatics in .22 and .380.

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Spanish shops quickly began making their own copies of this very popular pistol, and one of them hit the proverbial jackpot.

In 1914, the company of Gabilondo y Urresti (later to become known as Llama) built a better-than-average 1903 copy called the Ruby, chambered for .32ACP and with a 9-round magazine (larger than most of these types of pistols).

This Spanish Pistol, known overseas as the Star Modelo B, appears in many Hollywood movies as a substitute for the 1911 / 'Government Model' pistols, since it fired the hotter and more reliable 9mm blanks; In the older days of cinema, armorers had trouble getting .45 ACP blanks to cycle in pistols, so 9mm was substituted whenever possible.

With newer powders and blank conversion techniques, most problems with the .45 ACP pistols have been solved. ) The Star Model BKS was the first of Star's compact models, and the precursor to the BM and BKM.

Information, photos, references, and trivia on the WW2 Walther P.38 and post-war P38 pistol.