dating a girl 2 years younger than you - Dating a minor in texas

Indecency with a Child is the Texas law that is commonly referred to as “Statutory Rape.” This is the basic age of consent law in Texas, placing the age for consent at 17 years old.A child under the age of 17 (so that is a 16 year old or below) cannot consent to any sexual acts with an adult, except under a few narrowly defined exceptions.Indecency with a Child is defined in Chapter 21 of the Texas Penal Code at Section 21.11 as follows (the language in brackets will be added effective on September 1, 2017, pursuant to H. 1808, 85th Texas Legislature, Section 3): (a) A person commits an offense if, with a child younger than 17 years of age, [and regardless of whether the person knows the age of the child at the time of the offense,] whether the child is of the same or opposite sex, the person: (1) engages in sexual contact with the child or causes the child to engage in sexual contact; or (2) with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person: (A) exposes the person’s anus or any part of the person’s genitals, knowing the child is present; or (B) causes the child to expose the child’s anus or any part of the child’s genitals.

Teens and young adults sometimes aren’t aware of the possible criminal consequences of dating someone underage, attorneys say.

What seems like a high school romance can lead to a felony conviction and having to register as a sexual offender.

These are delicate and complicated cases to defend.

Sexual accusations, including indecency, can be devastating in every aspect of your life.

Once the conditions are satisfied, a judge will clear the defendant of the charges and dismiss the case.