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It’s always easier and less petrifying for them to take the plunge together, this way they won’t feel like they’re missing out on late night parties at ONE because they were up early with you deciding between petunias or orchids. Why leave a carefree home only to share one with a woman who needs to sign a leave request for his every move? Don’t expect your man to simply warm up to the idea of marriage just because you pitched it.

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He has been here five years and takes his citizenship oath in July, and he is so passionate about our system of government and so excited to be here that it's really cool to hear him talk about. I prescribe a vacation in Turkey or Sharm el-Sheikh sometime.

He seems very sensitive and kind, and open minded to different beliefs and people.

Submitted by alr (United States), Dec 21, 2008 at I have been dating a Muslim man here in the states for going on 3 months, and so far things have been great. He told me that he loved me about a month ago and that he has never told any girl he has dated that he has loved them before.

He told me that he wanted to tell his family about me (they are still in the Middle East).

He is currently back home with his family for a vacation, and he said before he left that he was planning on telling them about me.