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Strangely enough, she seemed to be rather well-adjusted in season three, and at times, she was even likable, but again, we saw the brewing storm down in the Caribbean when an entire episode and a half was dedicated to her craziness.

Never before has so much psychosis been on display with the , and in some ways it feels cruel to label Kelly as the #1 worst housewife when she perhaps suffers from serious mental problems.

Is there a better example of what a hero should be? From the moment Bentley stepped onto the set of The Bachelorette, his campaign to use and abuse Ashley for his own entertainment began…

Best Party of the Year –Even if it was partially self-serving, we have to raise a glass to Adrienne for throwing a party supporting the empowerment of girls to reach for their dreams. Oh wait, since we’ve never actually published any of them, that would be somewhat impossible…

Robert Goulet, the Tony Award winning actor-singer, who has been a long time Las Vegas resident, is heavily sedated and breathing through a respirator at Los Angeles Cedars' Sinai Medical Center awaiting a lung transplant.