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Company results over the past three years from the application of cognitive systems in various industries have given us a glimpse of the disruptive and game-changing potential of this technology.

For example, Watson has demonstrated dramatic reduction in the time required to create new cancer drug treatments and is now helping knowledge workers in insurance and retail get access to expert knowledge to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

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Confidence in the success of these services decreases with age.

While the majority of 18-24 year-olds are optimistic about online dating prospects, the 65 group is more guarded; about 70% of them think online daters are The younger crowd is more open to online dating, perhaps because they’re more comfortable with technology overall.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am passionate about the journey from “presentations to products to profits,” so this endeavor really excited me.

We first needed to decide which markets and industries to enter with these new class of computers that interpreted our language, processed unstructured data, and understood context or intent.

Anecdotal evidence is on the Millennials’ side; more than half say someone in their social circle has had a relationship that started on a dating site.