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The clinician must be a neutral, unrelated, and non-biased professional.If you’re a teacher, you know these kids: The one who stares out the window, substituting the arc of a bird in flight for her math lesson.

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Check out this list of 15 from Lauren Sagat, director of college guidance at Purnell School in Pottersville, New Jersey.

The Bentsen Learning Center Program (BLCP) at Mitchell offers different levels of support over the four years of college.

Successful programs for children with ADHD integrate the following three components: Your most effective tool, however, in helping a student with ADHD is a positive attitude.

I remember going to the library with my friends, and I would marvel at how they could sit and study for hours at a time. College students face a slew of new challenges at the start of school: Where will they live? For the college student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), these concerns are magnified.

Many students with ADHD go to typical colleges without supports, and are able to function well.