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You need to harness that potential to make the world a better place and I know that every person here tonight is committed to doing just that in one way or another,” Trudeau told the crowd.organization’s mission is to support, motivate, inspire, and empower girls to stick to sports and the healthy lifestyle.

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We have shared wonderful moments, we spent nights and even weekends together…

Sex was important, but that was not the most important thing between us… Feeling loved by another man has helped me being more self-confident.

I think, you know, the fact that I get to see my family and friends, a home World Cup and a sea of red in front of us is just incredible.” [Image of members of the women’s national team at the team announcement – Melissa Tancredi holding young female player’s hand and giving high fives to other youths in the crowd.] [Back to close up of Christine Sinclair with Year of Sport backdrop] Christine Sinclair, Burnaby, BC: “It's going to be incredible. ] [Images of musical band playing at the Team Roster Announcement] Marie-Ève Nault, Trois-Rivière, QC [original caption in French, translation in English]: “Sport helps us learn to set goals so that when we eventually get into the real world of work,” [Image of Marie-Ève Nault with Year of Sport backdrop] Marie-Ève Nault: “We can take those lessons learned and to translate them into our work and life.” [Image of Ashley Lawrence giving high fives to kids lined up to greet her at the team roster announcement] Close up of Ashley Lawrence with Year of Sport backdrop Ashley Lawrence, Caledon East, ON: “Up to this point, I've grown so much not only as a player, but as a woman and I've realized within the last few years that it just opens so many opportunities and doors for you.” [Text on screen: What is your GREATER GOAL?

(Theme of FIFA 2015)] [Back to close up of Christine Sinclair with Year of Sport backdrop] Christine Sinclair, Burnaby, BC: “Just to change the sport of women's soccer in Canada.

Emily Jago: Varsity Rower who has competed in the OUA for the last 8 years.