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I consider myself to have a visual impairment with symptoms of dizziness, sensory overload like being overwhelmed in a grocery store or dept. I have a terrible time with computer monitors making me dizzy or giving me a headache in a very short time-the TV however does not effect me this way why? I've heard something about refresh rates being different-not sure what that is. I also suggest visiting an ophthalmologist and discussing the symptoms. Many thanks, 5er For me, as a programmer, the most important thing was getting a flicker free monitor.

Also, I've heard that Flat Panel monitors may be better for the eyes. My first thought would be an astigmatism, which would give you eye strain and headaches. I have similar issues dizziness 24/7 sometimes vertigo... Other factors I think helped are controlling blood pressure and being well rested.

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Could be a number of issues and is well worth investigating. Not all LCD monitors are flicker-free though since a lot of them use PWM which essentially means they FLICKER AT LOW BRIGHTNESS. I got an LG 23MP65 which enabled me to go back to work.