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I decided option c) would be the least awkward and identified the trio spots by placing little stars at the seat.Everyone still moved over one seat each round like usual, but they occasionally found themselves in a trio instead of one-on-one.That’s why arrows are necessary: to show people which seat to move to next.

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I needed everyone to match with each other – regardless of gender!

The way to get around this problem is to have one person sit in the same seat for the entire process, while everyone else shifts one seat over (and ropes around the tables).

I've been asking for help a lot recently so thought I'd give something back in the form of an activity I did with a class of 4me that worked very well.

It's called 'Speed Dating' and is basically exactly what it says on the tin.

It lasted about 40 minutes with me, and that will depend on the size of your class, ability, etc.