Capricorn woman dating a leo man

It is the best imaginable vessel for rearing healthy and productive future members of society, on which our collective well being depends.

Capricorn serves the collective and embodies its conservative values.

Capricorn woman's critical mind, tenacious remarks, and black humor makes her shiver with her stinging remarks and directness of some of her interlocutors.

Scorpio man, so liked these direct and even a bit rough qualities, will soon notice that he is often the object of criticism.

I have many Libra friends and I get along great with them and very much think they're fun to hang out with (hence the higher communication rating between the two I suppose).

I have been pursued romantically at some point by all of these Libra friends, but I could never imagine myself in a relationship with any them because of their attitudes and personalities.

This couple will follow the rules as they climb their own particular ladder of success, becoming pillars of their community.