Bruce willis and cybill shepherd dating liquidating assets for charity

Moonlighting: 1985-89 After cutting his teeth at the Off-Broadway theatre and appearing in television shows such as Miami Vice and The Twilight Zone, he landed his first leading role as David Addison Jr in Moonlighting.Starring opposite a much more established Cybill Shepherd, who had landed film roles in the Seventies including Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Willis became part of a popular will-they-won’t-they duo.He's become a superb comedian and a wonderful actor.

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Actress Cybill Shepherd has sensationally revealed she and Bruce Willis almost became a hot item while they were co-stars on cult TV show Moonlighting. news show Access Hollywood Live on Friday (13Apr12), the actress revealed her friendship with Willis almost became intimate one night at her home. We worked so long together, it was probably better not to." Asked for more details, Shepherd added, "It was at my house...

Much has been made over the years about the couple's offscreen squabbles, but neither Willis nor Shepherd have spoken about their off-set sexual chemistry - until now. Just the two of us, there was a big bottle of whiskey, or something." And the actress reveals she considered a romance with her co-star again towards the end of the hit show's run: "I was ready to near the end, but he had Demi Moore." Shepherd also revealed that her links to Willis might not be over: "I hear he's gonna put me in his new Die Hard movie, wouldn't that be great?

Within the same six months her fiancé Robert Martin dumped her, her intestines twisted in a life-threatening way, she wound up with emergency surgery with a huge scar on the outside and God knows how big the scars are within.

Well, we know how big the scars are, because she tells us in great graphic detail, not as a victim, but as a storm trooper.

The main discussion concerned the relationship of their two characters and their own personal chemistry. When tossed the name of Bruce Willis, she responded: "He's got a really off-the-wall quality. That sexual attraction between two people can't be faked or acted.