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(I know Finneran has done some fill-ins..never been a full-time talk host.)I had heard that someone higher up at Entercom had been pushing for them to hire Finneran even as far back when Peter Blute was leaving the station.

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He has no idea how to put together a show day to day...to help to grow the show long-term.

I can't help but wonder if they are paying him a hefty salary.

Influenced by a wide range of music genres introduced to him at an early age, ZO!

But a spokesman conceded that the agency received an overwhelming number of e-mails – 1,800, mostly complaints – about the live radio station that played in platforms at South Station, North Station, and Logan International Airport."Not just Phil Collins, but somebody really inanely explaining the back story for that song," he added.

Herb Mc Cord, who is a CRB board member, says some or all of the stations may be sold, and it's unlikely a single buyer will take all five properties.