Bosco wong dating 2016

K9 Cop stars Bosco Wong and Linda Chung who’ve been reunited for their 4th TVB Series with their last being from 2012’s Witness Insecurity 護花危情.

In a photo that was taken by photographer Wing Shya and released later, Fang is in white lace and Kwok’s hand is on her waist, as if to shield her from pregnancy speculation.

Kwok, 51, and Fang, 29, were married by a lawyer at a banquet in the hotel on Tuesday, after dating for less than two years, said Hong Kong newspapers.

He developed a new University General Education course, UGED1602 “Living with grief: Understanding death, dying and bereavement” in the academic year of 2012-2013. Starting from 2004, all University General Education (UGE) courses have been categorized into 4 Areas: Area A Chinese Cultural Heritage, Area B Nature, Science and Technology, Area C Society and Culture, and Area D Self and Humanity.

He treasures the communication and interactions with students much. For enquiries, please contact Miss Angel Lau at 39431973 or through email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. With the support from over 40 teaching units, 256 UGE courses are offered by the University of General Education.

However, nothing prepares the audience for a such a terrible romantic comedy that involves the hottest properties from Taiwanese duo (Michelle Chen and Ko Chen-tung) and Donnie Yen.