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That's just of the people who wrote me about that particular topic.

This site has its share of readers who are 65 and older. Not even close." I understand where this worry comes from though.

The researchers argued that any differences in sexual timing (or, what researchers refer to as “sexual debut” – which admittedly sounds fancier) were more likely due to individuals’ personality (e.g., openness to new experiences) or background characteristics (e.g., religiosity) and not lack of opportunities. It turns out that observers rated the late bloomers as equally attractive as the early and on-time bloomers, and these groups also did not differ in their BMI (body mass index; a measure of how much someone weighs in proportion to their height).

So there is no evidence to support the “ugly duckling” hypothesis—i.e., that some people who take longer to have sex were less attractive at first and then grew to be more attractive later on.

The reality is you have way more time than you think.