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“When I was little, I was very animated and a friend of ours noticed that. I was playing under the table and he said, ‘Why don’t you take him to an acting class? But the greatest film school is to be on set and study what they do. I always wanted to study philosophy so that might be something I would do.” On his musical break. When I was in a band, I was really excited to talk about it since I had never really played music to that extent.

’ My folks dedicated themselves to something when they were really young and believed that if your child was into something, they should do it. It was never meant as something I would consider as anything more than having fun with my friends. She’s just very soft and willing to do anything for this guy. “It’s happened that I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on movies more oriented in that direction.

Today on Autre, we present a photographic editorial by actor Anton Yelchin – who stars in a new movie called Green Room as a member of a punk band that is forced to battle violent white supremacists after witnessing a murder – and model/photographer Kate Parfet set in a desolate landscape in Joshua Tree.

Eschewing the traditional late sixties vibe that most photographers try to achieve in the desert, Yelchin and Parfet went for a darker and grittier aesthetic that harkens runaway fugitives playing with a camera at their hideout.

On not following his parents’ figure-skating footsteps. My parents tried to get me to ice skate when I was a little kid and I was awful.