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Sie wurde vor allem als Mitglied der zweiköpfigen Band The Dresden Dolls international bekannt.

Seit 2008 ist sie vorwiegend als Solokünstlerin tätig, dies zuweilen auch unter dem erweiterten Namen „Amanda Fucking Palmer“. Obwohl sie das Notenlesen nie richtig gelernt hatte, spielte sie bereits als Kind Klavier und komponierte erste Melodien.

Vocalist/keyboardist Amanda Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione create a world entirely of their own, full of dress-up, independence, confused sexual orientations, loneliness, camaraderie and a bursting, uncontainable amount of heart all pounded effortlessly into the piano and the drums.

Enter Amanda Palmer, one-time Dresden Doll and noted slayer of sacred cows. The jewel in her crown to date, though, is Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Though the album was a critical success, Palmer’s relationship with Roadrunner Records was damaged beyond repair when, according to Palmer, the label demanded shots of Palmer’s stomach be removed from the video for album track “Leeds United”.

With the Dolls on indefinite hiatus, Palmer has tripled her workload. To celebrate her escape from major label tyranny, Palmer has elected to treat her loyal fan base to an EP of Radiohead covers.

"The great thing about the band is that a song like ‘Coin Operated Boy’ actually works for somebody who is relatively straight and in their 40s, or someone pissed off and wearing black and 17.

A band that blurs the lines between spectator and sport, hunter and prey, the real and the imagined, Boston’s, The Dresden Dolls are an all-encompassing machine, which is somewhat of a feat considering the band is only two people strong.

While most of that loose change will end up in Radiohead’s coffers, Palmer has bundled the EP with a good deal of homemade swag.