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But her employer says she must show up for work, or he will fire her! If your child or spouse committed suicide, you have a right to take a one-year leave from your job, without pay.

She wants to take time off work to be with her mother and take care of the funeral.

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He doesn't need the agreement of his wife, Amina, to take his computer, which he uses for work. He can also take a chair he bought for clients to sit in, and the rest of his office furniture (desk, filing cabinet, etc.). According to Mahmoud, Amina falsely accused him of certain behaviour and says she is a victim.

The spouse trying to stop the sale asks for what is officially called a "seizure before judgment." To get a seizure, certain conditions apply. Ideally, the spouses should arrange - either together or through their lawyers - for the spouse who moved out to pick up personal belongings. Amina reluctantly agrees to let Mahmoud pick up his things at 4 p.m. Amina agrees to let him take the stove and one of the beds, in addition to his personal belongings.

Yes, on the day of your wedding or civil union, you can take a paid day off.

You can also be absent for the wedding or civil union of one of your children, your father, mother, sister or brother, or of the child of your spouse.

If the spouses have a very difficult relationship, it is a good idea for a witness to be present to watch what they take and to say what happened in front of a judge if necessary. Since Mahmoud is worried that Amina will accuse him of taking other things, or that she might make a scene while he's there, he asks Charles to go with him to be a witness.