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During the housewarming party, Taecyeon also became jealous as he watched Gui Gui's kiss scene with Taiwanese Actor Aaron Yan in her past Taiwanese drama, "Mysterious Incredible Terminator" (also known as Pi Li MIT or The Clue Collector).

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(2015)Movie Release date: 2016Status: Completed/Unreleased 10 participants using their wisdom to solve the games they participated in. But there seems to be more complicated stuffs hidden behind the games. Trust and betray, 20 years of love & hatred, how would things unfold?

The Aaron Time (2014)Reality Show Release date: 9th May 2014Status: Released Aaron’s Reality Programme , a month of Aaron’s personal life to air, 21 cameras installed in Aaron's close space in the day and night to be seen on the screen.

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, Aaron, both widely praised their on-screen chemistry closeness updatestar compatible windows platforms. And real question May Commit Suicide star romantic comedy “Past Lovers” Kim So Eun disorders iron metabolism.