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Die in einem nicht näher benannten Ort der ehemaligen Sowjetunion spielenden Szenen wurden in Paldiski und Vororten von Tallinn (Estland) gedreht.Die zu Sowjetzeiten rund um die Altstadt Tallinns entstandenen gewaltigen Trabantenstädte spiegeln die trostlosen Lebensverhältnisse in vielen Plattenbaugegenden im ehemaligen Ostblock wider wie beispielsweise in Kopli.

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The loss of value of the Rand is tragic considering that South Africa imports more goods than it exports, leading to a large current account deficit.

The increasing cost of living in South Africa leads to inflationary pressures that lead the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates to manage the depreciation of the currency.

But if you make it through them all, you'll be well on your way toward creating a marriage that will be your shelter as long as you both shall live.

Step 1: Find a shared dream for your life together. But the best partners never lose sight of the fact that they're working together to achieve the same big dreams.

We also see glimpses of wrestlers who look like real-life versions of Britney Young (Carmen) and also a couple who clearly inspired the looks they gave Kia Stevens (Tammé the “Welfare Queen”) and Ellen Wong (Jenny the “Fortune Cookie”).