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The estimated average age of marriage for women in Massachusetts (populated largely by Congregationalists) was six years higher than it was in Virginia (dominated by Presbyterians and Anglicans).

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Historically, in much of the world, rape was seen as a crime of theft of a man's property (usually either a husband or father).

In this case, property damage meant that the crime was not legally recognized as damaging to the victim, but instead to her father or husband's property.

In many parts of the world, marital rape continues to go unrecognized as a crime.

As Kersti Yllö states in the prologue of Understanding Marital Rape In a Global Context, "In some cultures, consent is not even something that an individual wife can give.

EUGENE -- Like a wobbly spiral, the lofty expectations that followed Oregon's passing game into this college football season have fallen back to earth at its midpoint.

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    If you need help, see i Pod, i Phone, & i Pad Identification.

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    The 43-year-old actor fired back at his ex-wife after she accused Cibrian's wife, Le Ann Rimes, of harassment.

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    Open, honest and safe communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship.

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    One night, while performing for some friends, an employee of the production company The Moonshine Conspiracy, run by surf filmmaker Taylor Steele and professional surfer Chris Malloy, overheard Prettyman play and asked her to appear in the company's film Shelter.