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But even if it doesn't, I'd still use the approach that's most [email protected] As I recall it, I computed the timestamp in the two suggested solutions 1M times each, and calculated the average runtime.

I ran it in Firefox and Chrome, with get Time being faster in both browsers.

Dividing by 1000 as above is the easiest solution to this.

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Here I will discuss 1000 random questions that you can ask people on Ask FM.

Noting the bitwise approach you provided, it seems like it'd be a trivial thing for a compiler to optimize, given all the much trickier optimizations they've already pulled off.

Should the caller complete all ten questions they will be offered the opportunity to revisit the passes should any time remain.

However, Pirate FM reserves the right to change the timeframe or number of questions at our discretion. The caller can choose to pass on a question at any time.

They will usually be given sixty seconds to answer a maximum of ten seconds.